About us

AMARA is the official interest group for all certified national and international relocation providers in Austria. The overwhelming majority of company relocations and international household relocations are managed and carried out end-to-end by AMARA enterprises. These amount to some 30,000 individual projects per year.

Especially in case of complex and lengthy relocation processes, it is essential to work with reliable and certified partners on every step of the way: Quality from A to Z, across countries and continents.

AMARA embodies quality and international expertise for corporates and all special issues regarding relocation and relevant matters. This is why in 1946, our association was a founding member of FIDI, the global alliance of the mobility business elite.

About FIDI

  • The Fédération Internationale des Déménageurs Internationaux (FIDI) was founded in 1949 to offer and continuously monitor internationally certified top standards for relocation services.
  • A FIDI member must meet more than 200 quality requirements.
  • Those companies who want to become FIDI members must therefore undergo a rigorous audit that is carried out periodically by Ernest & Young.
  • The FIDI Academy offers training on all issues from customs to tax law specifically for the customers‘ needs and problems.
  • Anyone who is and wants to remain a FIDI member must have a FIDI-FAIM certification.
  • As a global professional association of the best transport and relocation enterprises, FIDI guarantees and continuously improves its performance through transparent monitoring. The FIDI General Assembly elects the Board, which is responsible for Strategy and Operations and meets in person at least twice a year.

By cooperating in this global network, our members guarantee a seamless international service – no matter how complex your project is and wherever you want to relocate!

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