Austria’s furniture movers are repositioning themselves

Dezember 15, 2015

ÖMTV becomes AMARA, the Austrian Movers And Relocation Association

Go towards a new future: The executive Board Members of AMARA (l.t.r.): Reinhold Karpisek, Karin Lang, Rudolf Stangl and Manfred Meier.

They manage all removals of Austria’s Federal institutions and diplomatic services as well as approx. 80 percent of all company relocations: The some 25 internationally certified Austrian furniture movers operate in a highly responsible trade, for they are entrusted with the transport of major material and emotional values, and of highly sensitive data. From 1909 until recently, they were organised in the Austrian Furniture Movers Association (ÖMTV), a founding member of the worldwide association FIDI ( In order to meet international requirements, the association was renamed to „Austrian Movers And Relocation Association“ (AMARA), and today a new website was presented to the public:

AMARA supports Austria’s consumers, diplomats in Austria and abroad, as well as companies on various issues relating to the topic of relocation. The new website provides answers to the most important questions in connection with relocation. Depending on the type of relocation (e.g. private, diplomat, or company) future customers will find information regarding e.g. transport insurance or removal agreements, and a suitable transport partner.

New: Relocation services such as pet transport or school search
A new addition to the product range of furniture movers are so-called „relocation services“. These include, for instance, the search for a new home, a suitable school for the children, or information on pet transports. Certified AMARA movers will also provide assistance in the management of immigration issues, such as visa and immigration permits.

Legal certainty, transparency, and fixed prices
The smoothest possible relocation project begins with professional advice: on issues ranging from the selection of the means of transport, proper insurance, customs regulations to relocation service. At fair, fixed prices. „Forward-thinking planning in the preparation phase will help manage even complicated door-to-door relocations to third countries like a clockwork“, stresses Rudolf Stangl, the newly elected President of the Austrian Movers And Relocation Association (AMARA). „A certified AMARA mover will take over responsibility, providing all necessary expertise first hand, often saving the consumer tedious detours and valuable time. In addition, a relocation contract will provide the necessary legal certainty. Moreover, all AMARA member companies are covered by third-party liability insurance.“

Four-member Board
The Board of the newly established furniture movers association consists of Rudolf Stangl (President), Manfred Meier (General Secretary), Karin Lang (Vice President) and Reinhold Karpisek (Vice President).

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