How to choose an international moving company.

If your move is not arranged by your employer, it is important for you to find a reliable international moving company, and FIDI would like to help you in your search with some recommendations:

  • Get at least three separate estimates for your move!
    This will give you the opportunity to compare prices, services provided, and the mover’s availability. Although price is an important component, it is important to also take into account the company’s years of service, since it provides an indication of their experience. You should also consider the services offered, as well as other people’s recommendations if they are available. For instance, packing materials may vary, some movers may offer specialised fine arts and antiques moving services, and so on.
  • Make sure you compare like with like!
    When you compare quotations between international movers, make sure you check what is and what is not included in the price to avoid any unforeseen additional charges at a later date.
    Often quotes that look inexpensive may cost you more in the end. Therefore, don’t forget to ask:

    • Is the shipment method the same?
    • Are your personal items being moved in their own container, or are they put together with other peoples’?
    • Have all (e.g. terminal and port handling) charges been included?
    • Is packing / unpacking included?
    • Is customs clearance included?
    • What time frame is quoted?
  • Are they a FIDI Accredited International Mover (FAIM)?
    FIDI is the main association for international relocation companies and is responsible for their providing quality services worldwide. To become a FIDI Accredited International Mover, the moving company must prove that they meet very strict quality requirements and can comply with these in the long run. This is periodically assessed by an independent auditor.
    For international customers, choosing a FIDI member is synonym with quality commitment from A to Z.
  • Who will be providing the service at the other end?
    The person that visits you in your home and takes care of all the preparatory work may be excellent and the packing crew at origin outstanding. But ask them who will be the international mover that delivers the services at the other end.
  • Get recommendations!
    Ask your friends, family members and co-workers about international movers they have used in the past, and you will soon gather a list of trustworthy international movers.
  • Additional Service Requirements
    Consider the additional services you may require from your international mover. Do you need support with immigration formalities, currency exchange, house cleaning, pet transport, car transport or a full unpacking service upon delivery? Perhaps even a handyman service, for instance, to hang pictures or re-assemble playground equipment?
  • Get everything in writing
    Make sure to get all the above items confirmed in a written quotation that is binding for the provider, and check whether all details are fully and clearly listed.
    Don’t risk unexpected charges or surprises on your moving day.
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